Akayama ryu JUJUTSU

Jujutsu is a Japanese art. It is widely known as the style used by ancient Samurai warriors. Because of the nature of jujutsu, there are a wider variety of techniques used in this art, such as kicks, punches, throws, and locks, that are not allowed in other styles.

While many martial arts focus primarily on empty hands, jujutsu uses hand to hand combat in conjunction with weapons. This also dates back to the Samurai, who were always armed and fought with and without weapons. Our weapons training includes knives, bokken, gun defense, and more.

Another important aspect of the jujutsu training at our academy is the focus on applicable self-defense techniques. Taekwondo and judo have developed in such a way that there are rules associated with certain techniques to reduce the risk of injury. Many academies only train these martial arts as a sport. While safety is always a consideration, the jujutsu class does not have the same limitations on it as other classes, in order to prepare students for real life emergencies.

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