Taekwondo is a very popular form of martial arts. It originated in Korea and is still required training in the South Korean military. Taekwondo can be translated as the "way of the foot and hand." Taekwondo techniques include punches, blocks, kicks, and other strikes.

One-steps are specific patterns of strikes and blocks designed to teach spacing, distance, and timing. There are a total of 26 one-steps that include a variety of techniques. By practicing forms, students learn to do techniques without thinking about them. This is an essential skill for anyone who wishes to compete, or needs to defend themselves. The earliest forms include basic movements, such as punches. As students become more advanced, so do the forms they are required to know.

Taekwondo sparring has been an Olympic sport since 2000. Sparring is a way to practice techniques freely, with rules in place to minimize the risk of injury. Sparring can be looked at as free form practice which emphasizes quick thinking and improvisation.